i have friends in holy spaces ★so long and goodnight ⋆⁺₊⋆ ☾⋆⁺₊⋆

here are my socials :D

911 / Mr. Lonely 💚

Tyler, The Creator


:3c welcome to space! my home.

about me

hey! i'm ash but you may know me as ashi.
i'm a nonbinary aroace fella and i use he/they pronouns.
i am also cuban! :D i can speak spanish & english.

as you probably figured out, i am also a digital artist!
i mostly do fanart.
the stuff i use to draw with is; ipad gen 7, apple pencil 1st gen and procreate.

my interests at the moment are:
ranboo, slimecicle, sneegsnag, aimsey, wilbur, quackity
generation loss, tyler, the creator, the band ghost, lemon demon, splatoon and a lot of other stuff!

important info!
(byf & dni)


if you follow me anywhere, i mainly post about ranboo so that is what you will be getting into. i do not post art everyday so do not expect me to post art takes me awhile to check my message requests so don't be surpised if i don't repond to you quickly.i do tweet out livetweets of streams at certain moments so side warning!


i do not and will not tolerate bigoted behavior.
if you are racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, right-wing and/or a terf, you are not welcomed.
overall just be respectful to me and everyone then that's fine!
* if you are weird though i will block you.

...i ran out of space so um art boundaries and portfolio coming soon!!
(if you have any questions or concerns relating about my art, please contact me via
any of the social media platforms i have listed in the home section. thank you!)
as an alternative i offer you this:
twitter art archive